Wellness for Busy People

Inuitive Guidance, Chakra Readings, Emotional/Physical Relief Modalities, Light Language Blessings & Messages, Sound Bowl Sessions

Line up with what you say you want and Feel Better Faster in MIND, BODY & SPIRIT with Melysa Mac of Wellness For Busy People. Private sessions with Melysa offer participants a focused opportunity to address energetic disturbances in Mind, Body & Spirit – assisting one to re-align with a better-feeling life in a better-feeling body. Group session offerings include: The Magic of Tapping, The Importance of Raising Our Vibration, Making Peace With Death & Dying, Light Language Blessings & Messages, Conscious Cosmic Connections and Sound Bowls for Relaxation & Healing


Melysa Mac
Wellness For Busy People
Wellness for Busy People

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