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Third Eye Mystic shop

Booth: #21

Walter Ernst is a renowned psychic/Instructor having clients around the world, traveling throughout Canada and the USA for the last 20 years; Finally, moving from Alberta in 2020 he was guided as many were, to move to the beautiful Vortex of Jupiter, FL.  He spent several years traveling to different events, fairs, and expos teaching about connection, and helping those to find and improve their abilities of healing, counseling, and guidance through intuition with the “Third Eye Institute” In 2022 he opened the “Third Eye Mystic Shop” in Jupiter, FL.  Offering great products, prices, and education through the store helping to guide and teach our like-minded community about healing, shifting, and letting go through a variety of classes offered through the store with special guests weekly. Walter is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist, combining his ability as a psychic with his gift as a hypnotherapist he can help clients move through their unwanted behaviors, and beliefs to surrender and forgive in order to live a life of peace, gratitude, and positivity.
Walter believes we never stop learning; we are never finished working on ourselves to learn the lessons we chose to move to a higher dimension accepting the role as facilitator/teacher and healer for others we as a community are coming together to help people to holistically heal themselves moving in the direction of peaceful transformations letting go of negativity opening the door to transformation.

Walter Ernst


Third Eye Mystic shop

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