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Sunset Slush Jupiter

Booth #4

Sunset Slush Classic Italian Ice®! Sunset Slush is known for its unique flavor and texture; there’s nothing quite like it. We like to call it “designer ice.” It’s smooth, thirst-quenching, dairy-free, low in calories, cholesterol-free, gluten-free, and of course, refreshing on our hot Florida days.

It all started on a family vacation when a Sunset Slush pushcart rolled by us. We couldn’t help but notice people lining up to buy a cup of Italian Ice. “What’s the big deal?” we thought, and decided to try it for ourselves. That’s when we realized Sunset Slush Classic Italian Ice was different and certainly something special. Upon returning home to Jupiter, Florida, we couldn’t stop talking about it. You could call it a serious craving! So, that was it…we decided to bring Sunset Slush to Jupiter. A little cup of vacation, any day of the year. We hope you love Sunset Slush Classic Italian Ice as much as our family does. Enjoy!

The Morell Family
Christine Morell

Sunset Slush Jupiter

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