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Sofusion Yoga

Sofia integrates the essence of yoga beyond its physical aspects, infusing her classes with a delightful blend of pranayamas, asanas, and meditations. Her teaching style promotes a joyful, mindful, and gentle flow.

Her intention is for her students to cultivate strength, confidence, and a sense of challenge during their practice. Having personally experienced the profound positive influence of yoga on her physical and mental well-being, Sofia eagerly shares this transformative power with her students.

Sofia’s focus lies in leading intimate group retreats to Greece, where she immerses her students in the local culture after starting the day with invigorating yoga sessions. Guiding them back to her own roots is an immensely gratifying experience for her. Discovering Sofia’s retreats promises an unforgettable journey that shouldn’t be missed.”


Sofusion Yoga
Sofusion Yoga

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