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First Name: Christine

Last Name: Falzone


Phone: (561) 309-6443

Business: SHO Center for Spiritual Learning & Healing

Bio: I am a single mother of 2 adult children. I am driven by a deep passion and purpose to help others and facilitate for them to live their best lives, growing through their own traumas and painful experiences. I have great compassion for the struggles we all have experienced because I am no stranger to the challenges of overcoming mental, emotional, physical and spiritual obstacles. I have spent many years working on my own healing and my return to wellness/wholeness and happiness. I have worked as a Mental Health Facilitator, a life coach, spiritual advisor, energy and sound therapist, crystal light therapy practitioner and massage therapist. I am currently self employed and work with many different disciplines to help others.

Practice: The mission of my practice is to integrate the functions of the body, mind, emotions and soul in order to improve an individuals quality of life. Together we address the daily struggles, while working on eliminating burdens to your physical bodies (traumatic injuries, physical abuse, chronic/acute pains or illness), quieting your internal mental chatter, balancing your emotional well being (sexual or emotional abuses, stressful life conditions or other traumatic events: PTSD), and reconnect to their soul and wellbeing. The goal is to find increased peace, tranquility & inner harmony by the end of each session. Every experience is tailored to meet the clients goals. I also teach 1:1 and in groups on various topics about spirituality, higher consciousness, meditation & perform healing ceremonies, and work with plant medicines (micro & macro dosing). I utilize all of the tools in my toolbox to create a safe, secure and nurturing space for individuals to do the hard work and dig deep within themselves. I have been working in various areas of healing arts for 30+ years.

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