I share the Music of the Plants device with spiritual practitioners in the fields of meditation and sound therapy. I also share the Music of the Plants with children, ensuring that they retain the awe and wonder in the natural world into adulthood – becoming the nature leaders of tomorrow.

I am an ambassador for The Music of the Plants, a unique device that forms a bridge between our human senses and the electromagnetic variations of the surface of the plant leaves and roots, allowing us to hear the electrical life force in a plant as electronic music. The Music of the Plants reminds us that there are worlds beyond the world we see as our reality. It connects us in a unique way to the source of the very air we breathe……the foundation of our human existence that we so easily overlook.

Nandini Gosine-Mayrhoo
Music of the Plants Ambassador
nandī and the Music of the Plants
nandī music of the plants

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