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Mind State Matters

Booth: #47

I sometimes say it was all sitting right at my feet I just had to be brought to my knees to pick it up. Life has challenges. That’s how we grow and live and learn.
Being aware of our thoughts and our mindset can take the worst situation and turn it into our greatest teacher. After many years living in California as a jewelry designer, I knew my true calling was to be of service to others helping to continue the circle of life. I am so grateful health and life coaching has become my passion with a focus on mindset. This was in my youth but needed the life experience to become real, as the journey of Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse illustrates.


Often times it can be our thoughts that keep us from true happiness. This can affect all aspects of being.
Mind, life, health, and body. Mind state matters provide support, a place of presence to look at how we think. Cultivating compassion and understanding to bring peace to our lives relieving burnout and stress from managing businesses, family, and daily life. With the proper support, these overwhelming thoughts can end. Beginning to work from a place of heart, our intuition that allows flow to replace resistance. With this flow the feeling of life becomes free.

Jessica Thayer


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