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First Name: Tracey

Last Name: OHara


Phone: (908) 721-6597

Business: Loving life yoga

Bio: In 2007 I had a spiritual awakening that led me directly into kundalini yoga. At that time I was not interested whatsoever in yoga of any kind. This awakening turned my world around, I have travel to India 10 times and it hosted 6 retreats to India as well as Spain and Greece to date. My passion is to remind people through the teaching of vedas, tantra, & reset-it how to love themselves through their own experience using the modalities of yoga astrology and reset-it.

Practice: I have been teaching Kundalini Yoga for 16 years, I offer masterful breathwork, kriya’s ( evolutionary action that breaks down your ego identity) and mantra all to create mindfulness -wellbeing.
I’m a Reset-it specialist- I teach my clients a process of neuroscience and quantum physics to reset programming and conditioning that is holding them back from achieving their best intentions 2 sessions.
This is a revolutionary technique to help people clear their path of their debris of past that keeps getting into their future.

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