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First Name: lauren

Last Name: reza


Phone: 5618014190

Business: Lactation and Lullabies




Bio: I am a nurse by trade but after over a decade in hospitals, I stepped away from the bedside to listen to my true calling. I worked in all aspects of maternal child care in the hospital and it didn’t resonate with me the further and further along I became on my own healing journey. I wanted to provide a source of support for new mamas as they began their journey. Armed with certifications in all the areas my passion leads combined with my knowledge from working inpatient, I guide mothers so they can be prepared for whatever comes their family’s way.

Practice: I opened by business in 2017 as a brand new lactation consultant aiming to be able to truly spend time with my clients and avoid the rush that comes with inpatient care. Through the years I took many different courses and certification classes in my areas of interest. These include baby led sleep and well being, homeopathy, tongue ties, intuitive healing, homeopathic case taking, breast pumping, and postpartum doula work. My goal in my business is to empower mothers to take their power back and become their family’s healer.

Lactation and Lullabies

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