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Kathy Bennett Energy Therapy

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I have studied over 25 years of Energy Balancing techniques. Modalities and unique methods of my own.  Minnesota hospitals called us Energy Therapist. We’d offer Energy services with no touch or light touch to help patients before or after surgery with the trauma, pain and wellness such as Reiki, Qi-gong, Healing Touch. I am a Reiki Master, Qi-gong Practioner, and studied Healing Touch. My services have been compared to physical therapy, needleless acupuncture, massage, talk therapy, intuitive and shamanic balancing all in one.

I am EXCITED to introduce you to a Brain hacking piece of Neurotechnology by Awakend Mind Powered by Braintap which has 5 clinical proven modalities into 1 piece of technology. It can help with PTSD, trauma, memory, dementia, fear, grief, school, sports, business and so much more . This can be used at home or in the office. My link is below for more information or feel free to text or call me and I’d be happy to share more.

Kathy Benett
Energy Healer
Kathy Bennett

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