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Joyful Healing Holistic Therapy

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Kat is an afro indigenous medicine woman, internationally published author, podcaster, and spirituality retreat host. She is also the founder of Academy of Natural Healing, her online school for energy healing training and certification. For nearly 30 years, she has been studying the scientific and spiritual aspects of energy. Having been initiated in West African and indigenous healing modalities carried down from her ancestry, she has had the privilege of studying wellness from a holistic and spiritual perspective. Katrina is an esoteric knowledge and wisdom keeper and teacher, always seeking to expand not only the minds of those around her but her own as well. She strives to serve the community and help others learn the tools they need to live the medicine and deeply study oneself as a way of life. She is passionate about assisting other students of ancient wisdom and wellness to empower themselves and to attract the life they truly deserve.

Katrina Calzadilla




Joyful Healing Holistic Therapy

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