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Janet Rotella, CPH, Lightworker

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Janet Rotella is a Certified Holistic Wellness Trainer. What does that mean? Well, just like a Personal Trainer works with you to develop your personal physical fitness goals, Janet does the same thing for your overall wellness… mind, soul, spirit, and general physicality. Along with her Therapy Dog, Little Big Daddy (LBD), as a Holistic Practitioner and Healer, her modalities include Certified Professional Hypnotist, Reiki Master and teacher, Evidential Medium, Braintraining Practitioner, Essential Oil Protocol therapist, Certified Sound Healer, Meditation Teacher, Motivational Life Coach, Minister, Kundalini Yogi and Business Consultant. Janet also works with, and refers, to a myriad of other professionals, products, and services in the Wellness Industry to help you reach your optimal mind, body, and spiritual goals.
Through both Hypnosis and her Energy Work, her expertise specializes in those who are struggling with issues of any kind…grief, fear, pain, trauma, anxiety, depression, addictions, self-sabotaging behaviors, and overcoming limiting beliefs. She uses a method she has named, “Hypnoki,” which is a combination of both Hypnosis and Reiki/Energy Work, to break through any blocks keeping you from the healing side of your journey.
Through her Mediumship and Spiritually Intuitive Gift, she connects with the spirits and energy of those who have died, are not yet born, or are simply those who are non-verbal or “speech impaired.” She works very closely with those who have lost loved ones, Hospice and Hospital Patients, the Special Needs Community, Autistic Children and Adults, Stroke, Alzheimer’s/Dementia and Coma Patients, Children, and Relationships of all kinds. She is noted for connecting with souls, spirits, and energy of all kinds, to communicate loving messages to their family, friends, caregivers, and loved ones.

Janet Rotella

Janet Rotella, CPH, Lightworker

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