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First Name: Karen

Last Name: Treloar


Phone: (561) 853-7517

Business: Inner Child Circle

Bio: I am one of the founding members of the Inner Child Circle non profit organization and work with this organization as well as an independant practioner.
It brings me joy to help others along the path of healing so I seek for opportunities through the non profit and word of mouth.
The modalities I use are ones I have learned on my own journey of healing and I feel comfortable sharing them with others who are seeking for relief.

Practice: The most effective modality I use is a special blend of practices used within the framwork of Quantum Healing Hypnosis. Delores Canon developed a modality called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique that promotes emotional, physical and spiritual healing. Because her certified practioners were only allowed to practice on clients in person, Candice Craw Goldman, a friend and associate of Delores Canon, developed a next generation Quantum healing that allows for online sessions called Beyond Quantum Healing, BQH. This is the initial training I obtained and practiced this with stunning results for a few years. This year I was introduced to yet another expansion of Quantum healing taught by Laura Whitworth, also a student of Delores Canon. This is called Soul Centered Hypnosis Healing, SCHH. In SCHH there is the addition of attachment and entity release. Previously, as practioners we would run into unexplainable blocks to sessions that prevented individuals from entering into session or undermine the process. With SCHH we begin each session by scanning for attachments and entities, compasionately release them, heal the wounds that allowed them to attach and then move into the deep quantum portion of the journey.

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