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Holy Massage LLC

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Reiki Healing: Reiki is a powerful and effective form of spiritual healing and energy work. The word Reiki Stands for “Universal Life Force Energy”. When a Reiki Master channels the “Universal Life Force Energy” for you it may involve chakra balancing, massage, messages from your angels, guides, or even ancestors! Reiki is known to help release stress, improve relaxation, clear mental and emotional blockages, balance brain hemispheres, and help support all levels of healing – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual! Reiki is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice.

Neuromuscular/trigger point therapy massage: Includes breaking down the fascia (excess build up of toxins and metabolic waste) and releasing “knots” and trigger points. Benefits may include reduced or eliminated pain, increased mobility, increased flexibility, better posture, increased circulation and energy!

Matthew Clark Reiki Master / Massage Therapist / Holistic Health Practitioner Matthew’s passion, focus, and drive in life is to help people heal and the planet heal holistically! He has dedicated his life to studying, practicing, and teaching holistic health and nutrition at the highest levels! He enjoys serving his community by providing Spiritual Energy Healing, Body Work, Detoxification and Nutrition coaching.

Matthew Clark
Holy Massage, LLC

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