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First Name: Heather

Last Name: Viniar


Phone: (561) 345-0489

Business: Ignite Your Sunshine


Instagram: Heather.a.viniar

Bio: I’m Heather! I’m a dog mom, yogi, sunset lover, and beach bum. I’m a proud aunt to my niece and nephew, and am committed to making this world the type of place they deserve to grow up in. I pride myself in my love of giving back, whether that looks like wellness events I’ve hosted for the community, volunteering at Big Dog Ranch, what I do as a Financial Advisor, etc. The goal is always the same, give back and be of service.

Practice: I absolutely love what I do. I am a holistic financial advisor, which means I help clients put together comprehensive financial plans to help them accomplish their goals. From protective planning to investment planning, tax mitigation to wealth accumulation. I believe that our finances are the most foundational piece of our wellness picture, as humans. Finances impact what we eat, if we eat. Where we sleep, if we sleep. The activities we do, if we do any (or if we’re so strapped that we isolate at home). The list goes on. My goal is to help people feel confident and empowered with their financial picture.
My methodology is as simple as this: listen, learn, do what’s in the best interest of the client. I get to have very unique conversations with each individual/business I meet with, and what’s best for one might look very different than what’s best for another.
I’m currently growing my team of qualified advisors who share the same mindset, and look forward to being able to help even more individuals, families and businesses feel confident and empowered with their plans.



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