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Heartfulness Institute

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Heartfulness meditation is practiced in over 150 countries worldwide. This knowledge and practice have been around since the 1800’s. The organization Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM) obtained non-profit status in 1945 in India. The set of practices and principles are known as Heartfulness with the mission of helping humanity live a more harmonious and peaceful life. The system has grown under the guidance and leadership of 3 different teachers, with the 4th global guide Kamlesh Patel, adding to the expansion of his predecessors’ mission of advancing Love.
In 2005, SRCM was formally associated with the United Nations Department of Communications as an international non-governmental organization working to support the public good and to fulfill the principles outlined in the UN charter. SRCM promotes the values of brotherhood transcending borders and man-made boundaries in an atmosphere of trust and love.
On October 24th, 2023, Kamlesh Patel, released his latest text, Spiritual Anatomy, which is currently trending number one in meditation on Amazon and USA Today. This book is timely, given the chaotic times we are experiencing globally. The book simplifies ancient spiritual teachings for us to understand the journey of the soul through the Chakras and how energy blockages disrupt and blocks our growth. He offers the beautiful gift to humanity to try Yogic Transmission while meditating on the heart in order to course correct and grow into a more peace-loving and compassionate species.


We are a global non-profit organization providing FREE training in meditation and lifestyle management with the support of Heartfulness volunteer trainers. The heart-centered meditation is guided by trainers to ensure a connection with the inner self, reduce stress, and cultivate a sense of well-being. Support is available in person or with the use of the FREE Heartfulness App. A few sets of simple heart-centered meditation practices are taught with ongoing support available to anyone over 15yo with an interest in learning. There is immense value in improving emotional and cognitive well-being with the use of Yogic Transmission, a subtle energy that creates peacefulness as it dissolves emotional blockages in the Chakras. The Heartfulness philosophy is rooted in Raja Yoga an ancient spiritual practice that reorients the soul back to Source. A few clinical studies have proven a reduction in burnout, decreased emotional exhaustion, improved sleep, improved emotional intelligence, and psychological and physical health improvement, while many other benefits have yet to be studied clinically.

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