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H.A.K.U. Wellness

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I have been passionate about alternative healing arts & modalities since the late 90’s. Started by learning Reiki in 1999 and became a certified massage & aroma therapist in 2003. Working with crystals and connecting with the natural elements also became part of my way of life. I started understanding, accepting, and connecting to more of my intuitive gifts in 2010 and started studying shamanism. In 2012 I chose a path in Holistic Health & Nutrition and attained my certification. I moved to Kaua’i, Hawaii in 2014 and created HAKU Wellness shortly thereafter. I became an ordained minister and started working with my gifts of energy & sound medicine. Also, finally decided to attain my license as a massage therapist. Although I have been practicing since the early 2000’s my business has been established for about 10+ years.
I integrate methodologies & philosophies from several cultures such as Eastern, Western & Indigenous models. It is a synergy between all “protocols” that helps create an agile approach to working with clients. I appreciate that each case is unique and we work together as a team to establish routines that will help align & anchor milestones & goals for mind, body & spirit connection.
I currently have a brick-and-mortar practice in Bowie, Maryland in which I continue to see clients monthly. I am currently building my practice in S. Florida and have several locations from Jupiter to Boca Raton that I partner with and schedule client sessions. I also host various events, workshops, and ceremonies with plant medicine, and perform home, office, land, and vessel clearings, blessing & protection rituals. My business goals are to be in Florida full-time and continue to build a stable foundation while traveling internationally to work with others. I look forward to building more networks and resources in hopes of having co-ops with other business owners, lightworkers, gatekeepers, healers, & practitioners to spread the love, healing gifts, wisdom, and attunements to help empower our collective to continue to rise up –unity consciousness! in work with others and create a plethora of cooperative wellness spaces across

Anabel Arellano

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