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First Name: Anabel

Last Name: Arellano


Phone: (561) 376-2550

Business: H.A.K.U. Wellness


Facebook: ana.quebella

Instagram: @h.a.k.u_wellness

Bio: Anabel Arellano is the Founder & Owner of H.A.K.U Wellness. She is a Holistic Alchemist, Practitioner & Wellness Intuitive that integrates alternative modalities, sound and energy medicine practices, from both modern & indigenous cultures. After healing herself from Lyme’s Disease her Nursing background shifted to integrate a Holistic way of living. She was eager to share her profound healing experiences and help others too…She answered the call to be of service! Her mission is to create versatile platforms in which she can provide guidance to global communities, achieving & maintaining optimal wellBEing for mind, body, & spiritual balance, as well as transcendence. While creating sacred trust & communication she assists in identifying root causes, challenges or limitations, showing up as physical, emotional or energetic dis-ease. The universal & elemental modalities used will vary based on a case by case basis, always connecting to nature & led by spirit, connection to higher self. Her focus is to facilitate growth & expansion by empowering one another to align with their true essence, reclaim their power, and shift gracefully as they trust the process and honor their journey. She provides one-on-one or group sessions via events, classes, workshops & healing retreats. Collaborating with others within the local community, as well as internationally, is welcomed to continue being of service and supporting our individual & collective missions.

Practice: I have been passionate about alternative healing arts & modalities since the late 90’s. Started by learning Reiki in 1999 and became a certified massage & aroma therapist in 2003. Working with crystals and connecting with the natural elements also became part of my way of life. I started understanding, accepting, and connecting to more of my intuitive gifts in 2010 and started studying shamanism. In 2012 I chose a path in Holistic Health & Nutrition and attained my certification. I moved to Kaua’i, Hawaii in 2014 and created HAKU Wellness shortly thereafter. I became an ordained minister and started working with my gifts of energy & sound medicine. Also, finally decided to attain my license as a massage therapist. Although I have been practicing since the early 2000’s my business has been established for about 10+ years.
I integrate methodologies & philosophies from several cultures such as Eastern , Western & Indigenous models. It is a synergy between all “protocols” that help create an agile approach to working with clients. I appreciate that each case is unique and we work together as a team to establish routines that will help align & anchor milestones & goals for mind, body & spirit connection.

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