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Fullsend OrgaNicks

Booth: #46

Mycology Made Fun – Mushrooms Made Easy – Living your Best Life Made Possible For All!

Fullsend OrgaNicks is your Source for Premium Lab Grade Microscopy Spores, Liquid Cultures, and Mycology Supplies. Get ready to learn in every way possible to grow yourself. Fullsend, An OrgaNick business, grown out of the ashes of Bipolar Disorder, Adhd, and many other learning and health issues. Owner and founder, Nick, took his passion for mycology and mother nature, his management and customer service experience, and most of all his love of helping others deal with mental health and developed it into Fullsend OrgaNicks. Mental health matters, anything you put your mind to you can do and life always finds a way. Mush Love and happy growing to all! I’ll have to grow bags and supplies and bring most of my inventory to the event.


Nick Baum

Fullsend OrgaNicks

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