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Spring Restorative Yoga + Sound
March 17th
2 – 4pm
Early bird : $50
Day of : $55

Join Jennifer Baez for this special 2 hour restorative yoga experience in which you will use props to find positions of ease and comfort to facilitate deep relaxation and inner healing.

The gentle poses aim to open the body (not stretch) and to support you in letting go and and in resting.

Release tension, anxiety, fear and worry and receive harmony, balance, and relaxation.

This class is a seasonal offering and is inspired by the qualities of Spring: renewal, new beginnings, light.

The practice will consist of:
Mindfulness meditation
Pranayama (breathing exercises)
Restorative Yoga
I AM Yoga Nidra™
Crystal singing bowl sound bath

Jennifer Baez is a yoga teacher specializing in deep relaxation. She has completed various certifications in different healing modalities and she creates a unique fusion of them through her offerings. You can learn more about Jennifer by visiting her website at

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring any props you may need to feel relaxed (blankets, bolsters, blocks, pillows, etc).

No prior experience necessary

*This is an event to support our 501(c)3 non-profit, Vibration 432, with a mission to improve the lives of those who have experienced trauma, suffering from Post Traumatic Stress, depression and anxiety and work to support first responders and teens as a part of our focus group with holistic healing methods.

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