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Ecstatic Dance Florida is here to guide humanity on a journey back to themselves and their true nature — giving our community the opportunity to feel their true childlike nature, through free-form dance and play.

A place where all are welcome to take a moment to feel their bodies present and to be in that moment, surrounded by a loving community that includes family and friends; and this without the use of inebriants, rather, by natural means.

A place where people can express themselves and relieve stresses from their day to day, free of judgment, criticisms, and personal constraints, while simultaneously connecting them to the beauty of nature.

Leading to the culmination of a community procured bliss, and the release of all restricting forms of thinking. Allowing the people to integrate this bliss back into their local communities, to begin a global initiative of being the light, that facilitates and brings about true change and awakening to humanity’s untapped potential.

Vanessa Morales

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