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First Name: Michelle

Last Name: Sloan


Phone: 94988728

Business: Dwell In Spirit


Facebook: Dwell_inReiki

Instagram: @dwell_inReiki

Online Presence: @msloan1217

Bio: Michelle is dedicated to the cause of helping others. She is licensed to practice professionally and bound by a high code of ethics with respect to your privacy. She has practiced across the United States and Europe leading classes, meditations, workshops, reiki sessions, and self-healing reiki circles both online and in person. Her specialty lies in one-on-one sessions utilizing both spiritual principles and healing modalities.

Michelle embraces a holistic approach to wellness and is devoted to energy medicine and healing. Her mission is to assist in creating global wellness around ideas, practices, and techniques knowing that it is our natural right to thrive and embody our full potential mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Practice: I am a Minster, Reiki Master with an additional certification in End Of Life.. I teach online grief classes 3 times a year and offer one on one sessions, workshops and events monthly.

Dwell in Spirit

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