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Drops of Jupiter Made

Booth: #22

Drops of Jupiter Made all started when I decided to paint a couple of sand dollars I had found on Hutchinson Island FL.

The inspiration behind our name comes not only from my love of my hometown Jupiter but from the song “Drops of Jupiter” by the popular band, Train. The lead singer Pat Monahan wrote this song about his late mother after he had a dream of her after swimming through the planets finding her way through the universe, and coming back to tell him how heaven was overrated and to love this life to the fullest. I can relate to both of my parents having cancer and after my father’s passing. This song has been a constant reminder to create a beautiful life because you never know when it will end. I love to recreate that same excitement through my work which is why I don’t limit myself to one medium. All of my creations are inspired by travels, memories & friendships I’ve made. This is a big reason I do live shows! You can often find me set up in the trunk of my Jeep at various events in South Florida, so don’t forget to follow along on social media to see where we’ll be!

Tiffany Nikole


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