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Join us for a deep dive into the sounds and vibrations of the Native American Flute! These sacred instruments have been used by Indigenous Peoples across the continent for thousands of
years. The sounds generated by the flutes create a vibration that deeply moves the listener and can transport you to different experiences within.✨🧘🏽‍♂️

Learn some history of the lands we call home during this 90-minute musical meditation immersion, storytelling and history lesson🌎

The time has come to reconnect with the ancient wisdom and songs of our not-so-distant past, learn the story of the lands we now call home, and connect with the traditional teachings of our ancestors💚

No experience needed,
come as you are🫶🏽

Dakota J. Dawkins is a musician, meditation teacher, yoga instructor, and sound therapy practitioner from South Florida. His journey with music began at a young age; growing up in a multicultural and musical family created an environment that was deeply rooted in the importance of sound. A deep connection to nature and his Afro-Cherokee, Powhatan, and Mohawk roots have fortified his ability to share the songs and melodies of his ancestors through the native flute and other indigenous instruments🪶

Dakota Dawkins

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