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First Name: Hattie

Last Name: Parker


Phone: (732) 859-2134

Business: Cosmic Insight, Inc.


Facebook: Hattie Parker

LinkedIn: Hattie Parker MS Ed

Bio: Hattie Parker, MS Ed, Astrologer, Numerologist, Aura Imaging and Tarot Consultant
Hattie has over 3 decades of experience offering metaphysically informed coaching and consulting services to a broad spectrum of clients. Her guidance stems from an innate empathic nature and is informed by many years of study both self-taught as well as from the guided teachings of respected professionals.

Practice: Initial consultations are comprehensive. A first session, typically spanning 2 hours or more, involves cross-referencing astrology, numerology tarot and aura imaging. Unique to addressing depression Hattie, having utilized Biopulsar Aura Imaging equipment for over 20 years, is adept at seeing subtle energy blockages. These may include everything from seeing unresolved personal relationships, unhealed physical body injuries or even past life influences. When seeking to address helping people free themselves from psychological restrictions, common professional wisdom asserts that awareness is a first and necessary step to constructive change. Aura Imaging in combination with other modalities practiced by Hattie has a profound capacity to aid in the diagnostic assessment of life history content as one key to positive new opportunities for growth.


Hattie Parker


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