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First Name: Justin

Last Name: Vizakis


Phone: (702) 493-4384

Business: Butterfly Factory


Instagram: @spiritual_bodybuilder

Facebook: Nahum vizakis

LinkedIn: Butterfly Factory

Youtube: Spiritual Bodybuilder

Bio: I am an Athlete, Combat Veteran, Fascial Stretch Therapist, Astrologer, Entrepreneur, Microscopist, ,Coach, and Personal Trainer. As an athlete I was a Competitive Bodybuilder & MMA fighter. In the Army I served as an EOD operator, it was in 2009 while deployed to Iraq that I had my first spiritual awakening, this experience changed my life. Since then I have been studying with healers, shamans, biohackers and mentors from all over the world. I am an entheogenic healer combining biohacking methods and various modalities with various medicines. My specialty is intuitive customization of therapies designed specifically for the clients specific goals & needs.

Practice: I have been formulating the many modalities for over a decade. As of now I use Live & dry blood analysis for my diagnostic process, Fascial Stretch Therapy, vibro-acoustic therapy & entheogenic medicine work as detoxification & relaxation/rejuvenation. I further create coaching/accountability and nutrition/supplementation protocols for human optimization. I also do workshops & public speaking on these topics.

Butterfly Factory

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