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Board of Directors

Jill DiSalvo, Founder & President

Jill is a holistic accountant & business coach and partner with my family’s CPA firm, DiSalvo & Associates in West Palm Beach, FL.

Realizing the close correlation between holistic health and business health, I integrated my knowledge of body & mind well-being into financial work and created Financial Frequency. I work closely with clients and support them in achieving work-life harmony through financial coaching and holistic accounting.

When PTS affected my family, I saw the need to bring a holistic approach to helping first responders and children navigate this complicated trauma. When a person is deep in the process of dealing with government authorities and seeking out proper care, good support and guidance are needed. 

This is exactly why I created the 501(c)3 non-profit Vibration432, a community network of holistic service providers and the support staff to match PTS sufferers to alternative services.

Advisory Committee

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I am a Reiki master since 2017. I play piano by taping into the energy in a room and of others.

Lilypad Counseling and Wellness Center

Ivana Ayala-Esslinger

My journey towards providing counseling, therapy and integration began when I was in middle school. My family had many shifts and transitions, at the time I often found myself at a loss. One day, the School Counselor (Guidance) noticed me and would occasionally reach out to me. She projected warmth, nurturing and consolation, all things I needed at the time but was not ready to reach out for. I thought, “I want to be her when I grow up”. I went to Community College for my first years of undergrad In Connecticut and then finished with my Baccalaureate Degree in Psychology from Northeastern University in Boston. I began working with adults that had intellectual disabilities whom could live on their own with daily supports. I loved this job but I knew there was more. I took on the role of a substitute teacher in a middle school and found I enjoyed working with young people in school and made the decision to acquire my Master’s Degree in Counselor Education from Southern Connecticut State University. I relocated with my family to Florida and worked as a School Counselor for 8 years providing Academic, Social/ Emotional and Behavior supports at a middle school in a local rural town that would steal my heart. Even with this, I found myself desiring to provide counseling and more time to my students.

Hattie Parker

Hattie Parker

Hattie Parker, MS Ed, Astrologer, Numerologist, Aura Imaging and Tarot Consultant Hattie has over 3 decades of experience offering metaphysically informed coaching and consulting services to a broad spectrum of clients. Her guidance stems from an innate empathic nature and is informed by many years of study both self-taught as well as from the guided teachings of respected professionals.

Stacey Yuskas

I am a Registered Nurse of 38 years. I have worked in all areas of nursing including cardiovascular intensive care, transplant nursing, nursing administration, risk management and quality / performance improvement as well as legal nurse consulting. I have recently changed my focus to health coaching. I have a strong draw and affinity to holistic nursing and believe strongly in a more comprehensive total body, mind, spiritual approach to heath, wellness and healing.

Romina Cabianca Healy

Access Bars Facilitator Certified 200 Hrs Yoga Instructor My mission is to help people create a sustainable balance within the spiritual, emotional, nutritional and body.

Liz Sandt

I’m Liz Sandt, RN and I’m thrilled to share a bit about myself and my journey towards promoting true wellness. With Over 21 Years Of Experience As A Registered Nurse (RN), I Have Witnessed The Many Facets Of Healthcare.

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